The basis of The Jewish People and Jesus


The Jewish People and Jesus

The Jewish People and Jesus

If you like books that intellectually place a challenge before you, this is the book for you. It is written to challenge Christian assumptions and traditional Jewish beliefs. A bit of background:


Many assume if you were born into a Christian family, then you can call yourself a Christian, but is this belief supported by scripture? One who is truly Christian has made a commitment to the service of the Messiah. That person must come to realize that only by God’s grace has this opportunity been afforded to the “adopted” sons and daughters of Abraham.

This faith has NOT replaced the Jewish people who are God’s chosen. According to Gen. 12:3, those who bless the Jewish people will be blessed and those who curse them will be cursed. Never forget that the Jewish people gave us the Bible and the Messiah. The non-Jewish followers of the Jewish Messiah must realize that those who experience a change of heart and live for the Messiah have life in his name, not because of what we have done, but because of what he did for us through his sacrifice.

The Jewish People

The traditionally held belief is that the Jewish Bible (Tenakh) places its emphasis on Torah observance. According to the rabbis, this occurs through adherence to the Talmud which explains how the Torah is to be observed and obeyed.

In fact, in the books of Moses, it explains the blessings and curses the Jewish people will experience according to their adherence to or disobedience in obeying what Yahveh commands in the Torah. What is missing from the promises that Yahveh makes to the Jewish people? The promise of eternal life.

Since that promise was not made in the Torah, are we to assume that eternal life can be earned through Torah observance? The Jewish People and Jesus poses the following question. Does Torah observance through the Talmud lead to eternal life or could it be that the Tenakh (Torah, writings, and prophets) all point toward the Jewish Messiah and that the key to life eternal can only be found in and through Him?



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