Yeshua is Messiah ben Joseph & Messiah ben David


In previous posts I’ve covered why Yeshua and only Yeshua can be the Messiah. The orthodox point of view heralds two messiahs. The rabbis see a suffering messiah and a messiah who will be the messiah King and who will defeat the enemies of Israel. Yeshua said at his first advent that he came to suffer in order to purchase the salvation of those who accept his sacrifice. He also predicted his resurrection. What we know is that he was publicly crucified, his tomb was empty, and neither the Judeans or Romans could produce a Yeshua corpse. If that wasn’t enough Yeshua’s Galilean followers became emboldened after his death. They preached messiah crucified and the Redeemer of those who accept him in the face of continual persecution. They paid the ultimate price. Yeshua claimed that he would come again. He predicted many signs that would occur before his appearing and by quoting Daniel 7: 13-14, he left no doubt how he would come. He will only come one way–on the clouds with power and great glory.

The rabbis tell the Jewish people if they consider accepting Yeshua they will forfeit their Jewishness. Since they see evidence of a suffering and a reigning messiah they promote the two messiahs coming once theory. Yeshua stated that the Tenakh spoke of one messiah coming twice. The rabbis speak of messiah ben Joseph and messiah ben David. Neither are divine as Yeshua claimed to be, yet the rabbis believe that both will be recognized by the Jewish people and absent genealogical proof will claim that messiah ben David is a descendant of Judah son of Jacob (Israel) and King David son of Jesse. The rabbinical dilema is to decide who will be born in Bethlehem and who will come on the clouds of heaven. It makes no sense that messiah ben Joseph will be born in David’s city Bethlehem. Messiah ben Joseph cannot come on the clouds of heaven because he is not divine and must die. Messiah ben David must be born in David’s city but how can he if the reigning messiah must come on the clouds of heaven? The rabbinic formula does not work. Only a messiah who was born in Bethlehem, died, resurrected, ascended into heaven and promised to come again on the clouds of heaven IS the Messiah. Baruch ato Adonai Elohaynu Yahveh–Baruch ha ba ba shem Adonai Yeshua ha’Mashiakh.




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