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History of “Christian” Anti-semitism


From the time of Yeshua until professing Christians gained authority in the Roman empire, those who came to the Messiah had to convert to faith in Yeshua. If their conversion to this new faith was sincere they became disciples and strive to understand what the Bible teaches. Others became cultural Christians and never really converted. These kept ancient hatreds alive and since the Jews would not conform in Gentile Society the Jews became the target as non-conformists. Continue reading



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Why Disciples of the Jewish Messiah must love.


For those who define themselves as Catholic, Orthodox, Traditional Protestant and Evangelical, discipleship or being an apprentice of the teachings of Yeshua should be our principle aspiration. Professing Christians can be Christmas/Easter Christians, Non-Practicing Christians, Cultural Christians, Defined strictly by denomination, or Biblical Christians aspiring to Messianic discipleship. When Christians stand right with God what results is Love. Yeshua said in John 13:35 “By this will all men know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” This is the litmus test for Messianic Discipleship. Not one mention about a particular denomination. Christians of all walks need to heal these rifts but also extend that love to all those who are descendents of the original covenant. Yeshua told us to love.

What we need to overcome is the divisions caused by the schism of 1054, the Reformation, further Protestant splintering etc…There is no advocacy here for one denomination only discipleship within our denominations that will extend love to our brothers in other denominations. Loving the Jews is also a fruit of this Spirit. The principle reason why the Jews for the past 2000 years have not come to faith in the Messiah within their culture is because Gentile Christians have not had the vision of Jews worshiping Yeshua within the synagogue. Therefore being frustrated by Jewish refusal, they became persecutors of the Jews. My next post will outline these sad times for Jews at the hands of professing Christians.

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