Rabbinical opposition to Yeshua and the Jews who believe in Him


Rabbinical opposition to Yeshua and those Jews who believe that He is the Messiah of Israel goes back 2000 years. The Rabbis who opposed Yeshua during the Roman occupation did not want to entertain an interpretation of the Tenakh that differed from theirs and they certainly could not accept a Messiah who claimed to be “Bar Yahveh Elohim”. This opposition was so fierce that it compelled them to bring Him to trial and encourage Pontius Pilate to seal His fate. From a Biblical Christian point of view this was all God’s plan as foretold by the Prophets (Isaiah 53, Psalm 22, Zech 12 etc…) This remains, under foreign occupation, what authority did the Rabbis have to hand Yeshua over to the Romans and demand His execution? Where were these Rabbis justified under the Torah of Moses to conduct a midnight trial, beat the accused before he was sentenced, and hand a fellow Jew over to Pagans not for a fair trial, but rather to demand His demise? If the Rabbis were justified in what they did then the law would allow for their actions. Under blasphemy, crucifixion was not a prescribed method of death. Certainly given the number of miracles that occurred during Yeshua’s life this demanded closer scutiny by the Rabbis.

Today as in the first century of the Christian era, a minority of Jews are embracing faith in Yeshua as Messiah. Just as occurred in the first century of the Common Era, these Jews are being persecuted. Globally 98.3 % of all Jews, meaning Jews born of a Jewish mother regardless of belief in the God of Israel, reject Yeshua as Messiah while 1.7 % or 250,000 Jews do believe in Yeshua. These minority Jews have no inclination to renounce being Jewish though they reject the Rabbinical Judaism developed by the Rabbis after the destruction of the Temple in the year 70 C.E. With the destruction of the Temple, biblically based Judaism gave way to Judaism dominated by rabbinical opinions in the Talmud. Persecution of the Jewish believers in Yeshua in Israel is real. Just as in the first century rabbinical thought sees belief in Yeshua by other Jews as a threat to Judaism. In fact Jews who believe in Yeshua and his message are a threat to the rabbis hold on the thoughts and ideals of most Jews. The same question must be asked. Can the Rabbis justify punitive measures against the 8000 or so Israelis who believe that Yeshua is the Messiah? Where can they, pointing to the Torah of Moses or the Haftorah, justify the exclusion of these who are also born of a Jewish mother?




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