Harmony of the Tenakh and New Covenant: Adam


According to the Tenakh the first man Adam became a living soul. The Hebrew word is Nephesh which means a living being. So the breath of life from God and the dirt of the ground, molded to chemical and biological perfection, became the first soul/being (Gen2:7).

Yahveh Elohim, The Lord God (i.e. I am that I am, the Eternal), planted a garden EAST of Eden. In that garden was the Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. A river ran through Eden which separated into four other rivers. God forbade Adam to take into himself the fruit from the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for if he did he would die. A women was created by God from the rib of man and they were to be joined.

Now Satan was in the midst of the Tree and was, subtle, cunning, planted seeds of doubt (Did God say), a liar (You will be as gods knowing good and evil), and a murderer (You will not surely die, for he knew they would die). As for the woman, she exaggerated (neither shall we touch it). She saw what was forbidden was pleasant to her sight, she desired it, she wanted to be wise, she ate it. As for Adam he must have told Eve to stay clear of the tree because she knew God forbade the Tree to them. He was there for this entire episode and said nothing. After she ate she gave it to him and he did the same.

Afterward as God was walking in the garden, Adam blamed Eve and Eve blamed the serpent (Satan) after being questioned by God. The Lord cursed the reptile which allowed Satan to assume its form. Satan will have seed and the woman will have seed. There will be emnity. The seed of the woman will crush the head of Satan but Satan will bruise the heal of the woman’s seed. The curse that befell women was that they would desire men and men would rule over them. Women would experience pain and there would be sorrow in their lives. As for Adam because he listened to his wife and not God the earth was cursed which would cause man sorrow. The earth would produce thorns and man would work the earth to eat from the earth. They would both die for their efforts as would their offspring. Though they had brought misery into the world God clothed them and then guarded the entry to the Tree of Life east of Eden for “the man has become as one of us”. God then drove them both out of the garden.

Adam was made in the image of of God. This means that Adam was not created as a god but had the attributes of the Creator. This meant that he was created to have the potential to be a Godlike man. He had no preconceived ideas of right or wrong. God would tell him what was right to do just like a Father instructs his son. In Luke 3:38 Adam is called the Son of God for God created him and breathed life into the dust of the ground to create him. East of Eden a garden was created where Adam would eventually sin.

On the Mount of Olives East of Jerusalem there was a garden called Gethsemane (Zech 14:4) where Yeshua took the Apostles to pray on the first day of Unleaven Bread (Matt. 26-17-36). Just like David before him this was a place of sorrow (II Sam. 15:30). It also became a place of sorrow for Yeshua (Luke 22:39-46). In this garden was the Tree of Life and Tree of knowledge of Good and Evil. The Tree of Life, a heavenly Tree would give eternal life to those who where permitted to eat from it, which will be those who have faith and are obedient to God. The other tree was an earthly tree. It would teach people how to be evil or use evil for their personal gain and teach them about good so that they would do good things that would make them think highly of themselves and justified without God.

It was because of this second tree that Moses wrote, “If a man has committed a sin worthy of death he is put to death on a tree, his body shall not remain all night on the tree, but you will bury him that day for he that is hanged is accursed of God…(Deut. 21: 22-23)”. Yeshua carried that tree (John 19:17) outside the city to the place of the skull Golgatha. This was a place where one could see that the Veil of the Temple was torn in two. (Matt 27: 50-54). The Mount of Olives was east of the Temple (Mark 13:3). As far as rivers running from the garden read Ezek 47; Zech 14:8, Rev. 22:2. Adam was created to behave like God. He failed. Yeshua came and behaved like God. The woman who was to reign and rule with the man failed because she exaggerated, fell prey to her desires, and did not regard the words of the Lord. The Church, those who have a relationship with the Messiah, are being taught by the Messiah not to behave like Eve. For the Church is the bride of the Messiah consecreted to do the will of his father. Adam having failed, blamed his wife. Yeshua being reviled on the cross, forgave his persecutors and executioners (Luke 23:34). Eve when confronted blamed Satan. Neither Adam or Eve took responsibility. Yeshua took the burden of all our evil on himself (Isa. 53: 8-12).

God is the opposite of Satan, God is Holy, God is direct, God tells the truth, God is the Author of Life. We also learn in the Torah God has a Spirit (Gen. 1:2) God expresses himself in multiple ways (Gen. 1-26:3-22) for Elohim, the one God is Uniplural (our…us), and God can become man (Gen. 3:8). In this failure of man, God would use mankind to defeat Satan. The seed of Satan are Satans children. Those who behave like Satan belong to Satan. Satan and his followers would bruise the heel of the seed of the woman. Women do not have seeds. Women have eggs. So a woman will carry a seed, meaning it is not from her, and this seed i.e. offspring will crush Satan’s head (Luke 1:28-35). The curse brought forth from the earth, thorns, would be placed on the head of the Messiah (Matt. 27:29). As God had provided for the nakedness of Adam and Eve, Yeshua was stripped by the seed of Satan (Matt. 27:35). They cast lots for his clothes as predicted by King David (Ps. 22:18). Though nailed to the “Tree of Knowledge of good and evil” (Matt. 27:35) He was removed from the tree before night had fallen (Matt 27: 27-60).

As Adam and Eve were driven out of the Garden for disobeying Yeshua so a criminal crucified with Yeshua is promised paradise for believing in the Messiah (23:39-43). Just as the failure of Adam occurred in a garden so was Yeshua buried in a garden (John 19: 41-42). From that garden, he and others were resurrected to new life (27:51-53). Those that follow the Jewish Messiah in faith and deed are eligible to eat from the tree of life. (Rev. 22:2).



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