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The Salvation connection between Shavuot and Pentecost


Connecting the dots between the Tenakh and New Covenant is most rewarding for it removes the believer from the realm of blind faith to the realm of knowing just like the Prophets and the Apostles. Our story begins in Exodus. Continue reading

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Can a Talllit be an aid to your prayer life?


A Tallit or Tallis,  meaning cloak,  is the prayer shawl that is worn by Jewish men during a religious observance. It is described in Numbers 15:37-40 and Deuteronomy 22:12. Fringes, known as tzitzit, are to be placed on the four ends of the garment with a blue ribbon. This blue color called, tekhelet, is to be the same color as the blue sky.  This is to remind the Jewish people that their origin comes from heaven and to act accordingly.  The fringes were to remind the children of Israel of their 613 laws and especially the commandments.  The tzitzit are secured by a shamash (“longer strand”) in a pattern of 7-8-11-13 winds between double knots. In all, there are 5 double knots. In Jewish numerology, known as Gematria, the 7 and 8 equal 15. This is equal to the numerical value of the hebrew letters yod and heh (“Y” and “H”). 11 is equal to vav and heh (“V” and “H”). Together they spell God’s name YHVH. 13 is equal to the letters Alef, Chet, dalet or the Hebrew word Echad which means One. Thus, Yahveh is one. When the Hebrew letters for Tzitzit are used it adds up to 600. Add eight strands of fringes and five knots which equals 613, the number of laws given in the Torah. Continue reading

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