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Abel: Learning About the Messiah to Come


Abel was the righteous son of Adam, his father. He was murdered by his envious and jealous brother Cain who did not please God with his offerings. This was the first indication that God was not impressed by outward expressions of religious observance as much as the inward motivations of the heart. Abel tended to sheep. The sacrifice of the best of his flock was acceptable to God. Thousands of years later we see the Israelites commanded to sacrifice lambs without blemish. It was the shed blood from these spotless lambs that saved the Israelite firstborn from the avenging angel. As for Abel, God said that his “righteous” blood cried from the ground. This meant that Abel was not deserving of death. Therefore, God questioned his brother Cain. Cain lied and had no regard for the brother he murdered. Cain was cursed, the ground was cursed, and Cain was cast out from his land. God was punishing Cain, not with execution, but with expulsion. These things were all recorded by Moses to tell the Israelites about their Messiah. Continue reading


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