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Christian Behavior of the Past: The Explanation of Why the Jews Refuse to Recognize their Messiah.


As far as most professing Christians discuss, the Jews only read the Old Testament and not the New Testament because Jews living over 2000 years ago rejected Jesus Christ.  Jesus was railroaded by the Jews who wanted him to be killed by the Romans because they knew the Romans were experts at torture and prolonged executions. In my last post, I explained why the Jewish High Priest Caiaphas was the proximate cause of Jewish rejection. This, however, does not explain 2000 years of sustained rejection.  In 2013, most Jews have probably never heard of Joseph Caiaphas. What they do hear from the rabbis is that Yeshu (Yeshua/Jesus) was a false messiah, rejected by the Jewish sages of the day, and was hung on a tree. Because of this, the Jews throughout history have been abused by these ‘goyim’ for killing the god of the Christians. Yeshu is not for the Jews. I would like to briefly explore the history of abuse that the Jews suffered at the hands of Europe’s Christians. To understand the issue, it is most important to understand Jewish suffering. When one understands Jewish suffering and can speak to what they know is true, then dialogue can ensue for a meaningful conversation.  Continue reading


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