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Kirkus Review-The Dawn of Islamic Literalism: Rise of the Crescent Moon


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Son of the Promise: Ishmael or Isaac?


This issue, perhaps more than others, determines where truth can be found and what people should follow to guarantee their salvation. The Tenakh, New Covenant, and Qur’an speak of Ishmael and Isaac. We must consider the words found in all of these texts to determine where we can find the truth. Of course we must acknowledge that Jews do not regard the New Covenant or Qur’an as inspired by God. Christians reject the Qur’an and Muslims believe the Tenakh and the New Covenant are corrupted revelations. In this journey we must grasp what can be reasoned to be true and not the orthodox beliefs of these faiths. This is the only way we can consider all points of view to determine who received the covenant handed down through Abraham. Continue reading

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