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Nostra Aetate, Pope Francis, and Islam


In this post, it is not my intention to cast stones. I know full well that I am flawed; saved only by the grace of the risen Messiah through nothing that I have done to earn God’s favor. I am a sinner condemned for breaking all the commandments by word, deed or thought. I am a product of 12 years of Catholic education and regularly attend worship at Catholic and Evangelical churches as well as Messianic Jewish synagogues. I refuse to let denominational differences separate me from the full body of the Messiah. I can do nothing about the past, only try to have a positive impact on the present and future. I have over 22 years of experience in Christian, Jewish and Islamic studies. It is in this vein that I would like to address the topic cited above. The Catholic Church attempted to address past sins against the Jewish people through Vatican II, Nostra Aetate, 28 October 1965. This was an attempt to address the overt anti-Semitism of the post-Apostolic Church when the church leaders who followed the Jewish Apostles, were gentiles. These church Fathers are quoted below: Continue reading

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Apostolic Faith: The Jewish Dispensation from 30 AD to 70 AD


No one can doubt that Apostolic faith is found in the Book of Acts. Those who believe and practice their faith like the Apostles are practicing that kind of faith. To Catholics and most traditional Protestants and Orthodox Christians, Christianity is no more than just a ritual to please God, performed for an hour on Sunday, and at big events like baptism, confirmation, weddings, and funerals, and then returning to one’s life. Apostolic faith is faith in the Messiah with a mission and a ministry. It is meant to challenge those who read it to understand that faith in Yeshua is active, not passive. It should not be left up to priests or ministers to become fishers of men. The full community of Christians should have a ministry and be much more than a group of people just believing that God exists.  Continue reading

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