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Insulting the Prophet of Islam: Why some Muslims choose to Murder

The recent events in France demand that we ask a fundamental question.  Do the authoritative texts in Islam support acts of violence against those who are perceived as insulting the Prophet of Islam? First we’ll take look at what the Qur’an says then we’ll look at the traditions of Muhammad to determine if those acts recently perpetrated have any basis in Islam.


Before there was a single Qur’anic revelation concerning insults, Muhammad’s biography records in Ishaq 136 that one Al-Nadir said he was a better story teller than Muhammad. In Ishaq 308 he was decapitated by Ali. Ali was Muhammad’s cousin and son-in-law who married Muhammad’s daughter Fatima. Although Ali became the 4th Caliph of Sunni Islam, Shi’a Muslims consider him the 1st Imam of Shi’a Islam. Continue reading


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It Began With ABRAM [Faith of Our Fathers 1]

Dear Folks,  Before you dive into this new post please officially welcome Steven E. Daskal  to CMA&A. Steve is a historian and specializes in all forms of Judaica including Messianic Judaism.  This site will give attribution to all material created by Steven E. Daskal.

The story about God offering Himself and/or the Torah to many other peoples before the Jews were offered and accepted is a “Jewish joke,” not anything with Scriptural or historical merit.   Continue reading


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Kirkus Review-The Dawn of Islamic Literalism: Rise of the Crescent Moon


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