When one considers this question there are basically two points of view.

One point of view asserts that there is a similarity between Ancient Israel and the United States. The Israelites were brought into the Promised Land just as immigrants from the world over left religious persecution and a lack of opportunity for a new land of promise in America. The original Israelite society of Moses was established upon a Covenant made with the Creator of the Universe.  They were given laws that they were obliged to obey.  If they obeyed God they would reap blessings and God would dwell among them; however, if they disobeyed and refused to repent blessings would be removed and become a curse.  The curse would turn to lasting division and civil war between the two Israelite states. Social ills would increase and a series of unrighteous monarchs ruled until both were defeated and conquered by un-Godly pagan foes.

Similarly, America was consecrated to God in George Washington’s inaugural address on 30 April 1789.   Others saw America as a country that had an official policy to welcome people and be a haven for Jews just like Israel. One of the reasons that led to its war of secession was the nation’s inability to deal with the issue of slavery. America’s war of secession cost over 600,000 lives. America’s spiritual and social decline and its drift away from Christian values began with the Progressive movement in the 1890s. The Continental Enlightenment, liberal Christianity and “higher textual criticism” undermined the broad Christian agreement on the Bible as the inspired and inerrant Word of God in the original manuscripts, and trivialized the Bible, the conception of original sin as mankind’s rebellion against God, and the need for a sacrificial redemption only achieved through faith in Jesus Christ.  Right around the turn of the 20th century, this European movement began to take hold in universities and seminaries in the US, and began the corrosive undercutting of mainstream Protestantism — most severely among the Episcopal Church [which is now a dead church that has endorsed sexual perversity and rejected Biblical authority] and many Presbyterian, Lutheran, and Methodist denominations.  Late 19th-early 20th century Roman Catholicism meanwhile had its own problems in the aftermath of Vatican I’s retreat into medievalism in the face of the Continental Enlightenment, and these problems worsened with the rise of “Christian socialism” and then “Liberation Theology” in the 20thcentury. America is now Post-Christian with its principal institutions –Government, Academia, and the Media — all dominated by the secular Progressive agenda. Its enemies increase in boldness while its economy languishes in unimaginable debt and the shrinkage of the traditional entrepreneurial and professional middle class.

The other point of view insists that whether or not America is “under judgment by God” ultimately is immaterial in the larger sweep of history.  Scripture teaches that ALL government is God-ordained to establish order, protect good and wield the sword against evil.  All nations at all times are under God’s judgment.  Further, according to the Torah, God will bless those that bless the Jewish people, and curse those who curse the Jewish people.  Jesus taught “Render to Caesar [the government] the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s” (Matt. 22:21, Mk. 12:17, Lk. 20:25).  But other than that, Scripture is silent about what is appropriate or not for governments of the nations.  God blessed Assyria and then permanently annihilated it for its brutality and destruction of Israel.  God blessed Persia, but then punished it because of the absurd pride and denial of God by its leaders.  God used and destroyed Egypt more than once during its lengthy history.

The US was uniquely blessed by a collection of wise Christian and Christianity influenced Founders and Framers.  Despite that sound Biblical foundation, the USA destroyed itself in the War of Secession.  The Confederacy was destroyed for its pride and its abuse of its slaves [slavery itself is not prohibited in Old or New Testament, but abuse of slaves is].  The USA is not mentioned in Scripture because this country does not play a distinctive role in the lead-up to the Rapture and the Tribulation.  The USA does not stand with Israel, nor does it join the Gentiles attacking from the north, east, and south.  It is worth noting that while every individual is a soul (Gen 2:7) and will experience an awareness beyond this life (Dan.12:2-3; Rev.20:11-15), all nations and states are transient and have a limited existence EXCEPT the Jews. Societies improve as more of their members are Christian.  Try to save societies by political activity, and unredeemed souls will undermine every positive effort.  We need to focus on the eternal truths of Scripture and salvation in Messiah Yeshua, not get into disputes about modern history and politics.  If this were still a “Christian nation,” Christian legislators, presidents, and judges would have never legalized abortion, condoned adultery, made divorce on demand the norm, etc.  But the US is a secular nation from its founding — but unlike France, it was secular with the purpose of preserving religious freedom, rather than abolishing religion.  The decline and marginalization of Christianity in America is the fault of the American people, not the American government. The world has been in trouble since the Fall at the beginning of humankind.  The answer is Christ, not politics.  Politics at best will reflect the Christianization of the population; at present, it reflects the decline of Christianity in our population.

Conclusion: All nations are comprised of individuals who make decisions based on their faith in that which they worship.  To some that god is the God who has redeemed us through the gift of His Son and to others that god is their self interests, their cause or the entity or ideology they serve. Eastern hemisphere nations and peoples are mentioned in the Bible not Western nations. Any discussion of the United States as an extension of Ancient Israel is an interpolation of similarities between America’s history and that of the Israelites.  In the final analysis people choose redemption or choose to follow their own definitions of good and evil.  In a democracy [which is what the USA has evolved since the beginning of the 20th century], people vote to place people in power that represent their interests or their vision.  An America that is mostly un-churched and does not acknowledge the Bible as God’s revealed Truth is not a nation that will gravitate towards a Biblical world view. Therefore, America is not judged like ancient Israel, but its people will be judged for their response to God’s Truth and the offer of the Good News, the Gospel of salvation in Messiah Jesus.  The woes of America are in direct proportion to people breaking God’s Commandments, living a self-centered life and rationalizing their behavior, rather than taking responsibility for their actions through confession and repentance and not leading a life based on the selfless love of God’s Son Jesus our Lord.



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  1. Glencora63

    I enjoyed your post. In my opinion, America is the Whore of Babylon mentioned in the book of Revelation. When i first read the book as a child i immediately recognized similarities. Many people forget that all “blessings” do not come from God. Satan controls the world and rewards his followers. The penalty for worshiping him is the loss of eternal life. America is under the dominion of demonic spirits. The spirits of violence, greed, hatred, racism, sexual immorality, etc. We must repent, fast, and pray to cast them out.

  2. I just came upon your blog, so do pardon the untimely response. While I agree with much of what you write, I’m not convinced that the US has an obligation to support the State of Israel, or any other state. God’s covenantal response to the nations in Genesis 12:3 etc probably have to do with Jews as people rather than with the current political entity with its capitol in Jerusalem, which is not the ingathering prdicited in Scripture due to its official establishment of unbelief.

    That aside thee are plenty of practical reasons to support Israel, the most important being its relative protection of Christians and churches, and being an island if civilization is a sea of Islamic barbarity. As a nation state, though, God judges it like any other..

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