Do any of the terms listed above represent THE truth?

Before any Christian can make a case that Jesus is the Son of God; Christians must address that God in fact exists. Agnostics claim that they are not sure God exists and are looking for more proof. Atheists don’t believe in the existence of God but recognize that others do. A true atheist isn’t bothered by others mention of God they just don’t want to be forced or belittled for not believing. Anti-theists hate what they say they don’t believe in. They want God removed from the public square and are ideologues who want others to reject faith as they have. Most evolutionists believe they have a theory that explains life on earth without the intercession of a causal agent. They are usually emphatic that creation science is not science but rather the creation myth repackaged. Since an alternative explanation of origins is vehemently opposed by most evolutionists, many in their ranks have elevated evolution from theory to fact. There are people who definitely believe in God, but are Evolutionists. Many Rabbinical Jews fall into this category. They say that God worked out Creation through evolution, and that the word “yom” or “day” in the Creation account can also mean “period of time”.

Those mentioned above have an explanation of how life came to be here on earth but have difficulty with how the universe came into existence. With them No One X Nothing = Everything. Most believers posit that A Creator X His Word = Everything. The Creation = Everything.  Atheist genius Stephen Hawking believes in a universe that willed itself into existence. The unbeliever must possess god-like knowledge to know how everything came into existence without a Creator. As far as life on earth all life forms are evolutionary accidents since there was no planning or design involved in our coming into existence. Each life form is characterized as lower to higher level animals with no inherent morality. As we evolve we determine and ultimately change what is right and wrong for us.

There are inherent difficulties with believing in this theory. Biogenesis posits that life only comes from life. DNA the building block of life only comes from other life. Individual cells to DNA are extremely complex. Evolutionists believe that simple life came from chaos then evolved into greater complexity. The Law of Probability states that random chance does not result in greater complexity only greater chaos. The Second Law of Thermodynamics states that everything is degenerating from complexity and organization into chaos and disorganization. The problem is entropy where things on earth ultimately die, decay and cease to function. They NEVER grow into greater complexity once left alone. Evolutionists believe that Chance + Time = Complexity. Therefore simple life forms over time became more complex life forms. The problem is the fossil record displayed in what is called the Cambrian period shows that life suddenly appeared. The fossil record DOES NOT show lower life forms or missing links evolving into more complex life. The initial cell and the building block for all life DNA were already complex organisms. Gen. 1:1, 25-26 states that God created all that exists. God created all species male and female so that they could reproduce. In the reproduction process everything reproduces after its own kind. Lions have lions, Tigers have tigers, Monkeys have monkeys, and seeds from plants grow to become the same plant or tree etc… People though were created in the Creator’s image. No other species can build or create buildings or machines that could NEVER have evolved from chaos. Psalm 19 states, “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.“ The non-believer could never prove that God does not exist. Their theory leaves people with no hope or meaning to our existence. The non-believer can never know they are right for when they die the result will be either nothingness or hell since they did not believe and died in their sins. What value can their possibly be in non-belief if one can NEVER know if they were right?

Those who have no faith in a Creator have no explanation as to how the universe came into existence. They do have an explanation as to how life came to be on earth but that explanation includes random chance that includes probabilities that equate to impossibility without planning and design. If you embrace this then your existence is based on an evolutionary accident and your future includes a destiny of nothingness.


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