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BUDDHISM: Did the Enlightened One discover the truth?

In our last installment we explored polytheism through the spectrum of Hinduism and asked if it could be the truth. In this segment one of its adherents from a privileged Caste ultimately rejected the basic tenets of Hinduism. Siddhartha Gautama was born into a Hindu family in 563 B.C. He became disillusioned by the suffering he experienced in his Hindu world. In his quest to reform Hinduism he became an ascetic agnostic because he concluded the Hindu pantheon of gods and idols enslaved people to the suffering in this world.

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Is Hinduism the one and only true faith?

In this series of posts we’ve looked at godlessness, dabbling in cults and immersion in the occult that can lead to Satanism. The other end of the spectrum is a faith that embraces multiple gods.

Hinduism is a very diverse collection of beliefs, but it is fundamentally practiced as either a Deist monism or a pantheistic paganism with thousands of gods.  The basic premise of Hinduism is Monism. Monism teaches that All is One. This gives sway to Pantheism meaning that All is God. So we are one with the universe and the universe is God so we are connected to the impersonal enlightenment. The problem is we are bound to this physical personal existence which inhibits us from joining with the true reality known as Brahman-Atman. The goal is to liberate oneself from this physical world of illusion. This is done by transcending this world through Yoga or Transcendental Meditation. The goal is to break the shackles of Karma which releases us from thinking and feeling so that we can be absorbed into the impersonal One. When we lose our personal identity we enter a state of bliss.

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