Scientism and Unbelief

The unbelievers in our schools and universities often teach that the existence of so much evil in this world negates the existence of a holy and righteous God. Life itself proceeds with no discernible purpose. Events that occur in the cosmos appear to be totally random.  The First Law of Thermodynamics proves since energy cannot be created or destroyed the universe has always existed.

Since we cannot argue that creation exists then how can creation exist apart from an act of creating initiated by an unseen Creator?

We also know the earth spins at a speed of 1000 miles per hour.  In one 24 hour period the earth completes one rotation.

While the earth rotates it also floats in space at a permanent 23 degree inclination to the sun, which is held in place by the gravitational effect of the moon. This slant guarantees that we have four seasons in the temperate zones and no place on earth constantly receives the most direct rays of the sun.

At the same time this is occurring our earth and moon are hurtling through space at a speed of 67,000 miles per hour.  In one day our earth travels 1,608,000 miles through space.  During a season, three months, the earth travels 48,947,520 miles through space.  This causes our tilted earth to experience a change in seasons. Every year to complete a yearly rotation around the sun the earth must travel 146,842,560 miles and the cycle repeats.

However our solar system, planets and moons circling the sun are also in motion. Our solar system rotates with our swirling Milky Way galaxy. Our solar system travels 490,000 miles per hour between spiral arms in our galaxy.  Meaning while we move around the sun our solar system is moving around the center of our galaxy at a rate of 587,332,000 miles in one year.

Since we do believe in the law of cause and effect the question must be asked; How did the earth get here being the right size with a right sized moon, the right distance from our sun that is not too young, too old, too big or too small, in a solar system located between spiral arms at the perfect place in our galaxy and how is all of this in perpetual motion and balance?

The answer to this dilemma of existence coupled with motion is the law of causality. It states that everything had a beginning and that it needs a cause to continue its existence. In short that which exists was caused by something. Everything needs an originating cause to be and a sustaining cause to continue existing. If we see anything in this life that was designed, i.e. man made, we conclude there was a designer because we know anything we make did not come about randomly.

The complexity we observe in the Universe implies the existence of a Grand Designer.  Where do we get our innate sense of right and wrong? If there was no creator of moral law why does generosity and robbery evoke different reactions from us?

If God never existed how can we conceptualize the idea of a supreme being? Why can we think of things that could not possibly exist unless it is possible that it does exist?

The problem remains for the Agnostic, Atheist and Anti-theist—if there never was a Creator there could not have been any creating, yet we have a verifiable Creation.  To put it simply, 0 x 0 can never = 1.  Those who posit a Creator-less universe cannot explain how matter and energy just happened to exist [acknowledging that these are fundamentally two forms of the same phenomenon].  Matter and energy lack the ability to create themselves.  Something with a conscious will and amazing power had to precede them in existence, and create the most fundamental building blocks of existence.

Those who at present do not believe must conclude that random coincidence caused random events through infinitely long periods of time to enable random mutations which caused the first cell which through statistically inconceivable amounts of time led to humankind.  They assert this even though it violates the Second Law of Thermodynamics [entropy].**  As a result of this refusal to accept Causation, they therefore assume humanity has no purpose, life is meaningless, there is no hope for eternity; so live only for today.

** Simply stated:  “Second law of thermodynamics – The entropy of an isolated system not in equilibrium will tend to increase over time, approaching a maximum value at equilibrium.” []

This is in sharp contrast with the theistic perspective which states that a Creator directed events and fine-tuned this planet for life as we know it. The Creator provided the building blocks and introduced life to this planet.  At a minimum, the Creator had some purpose for creating, and since there was no reason to assume that simple life forms that were successfully adapting to their environment would spontaneously mutate into more complex ones that were more specialized and less adaptable.  The insect world is full of beings that are far tougher than any higher animals, and can exist in a far wider range of conditions.  The higher animals, and mankind, were not necessary to life on earth.  Rather, in order for there to be Mankind, the other animal life-forms and plants, etc. were necessary. If something as complex as mankind was created, it would logically only have been created if less complex, less sophisticated creatures did not fulfill the complete requirements of the Creator.  It would therefore appear that humanity has a purpose — to know and have relationship with its Creator in a way that nothing else in Creation could.  Because of this, life — even the least “fulfilling” in human terms — has meaning and value.

Our children are taught evolution.  There is an element of scientific demonstrable and reproducible truth to this.  Specifically, micro-evolution, which allows for change or adaptation within species, exists. We know this is true because it is observable in our world.  We can see differentiation between members of a species [e.g., canids — that range from the coyote and fox to wolf and domesticated dog].  We can also reflect on the history of human plant and animal breeding [again, with the domesticated dog, we can see the amazing array of breeds that vary in size, color, etc.].

The problem comes when our children are taught macro-evolution — an extrapolation from micro-evolution which teaches that there was, at least in the past, change in species that led to totally new species; i.e., single-cell organisms evolving of their own accord, without any plan or reason, into increasingly and more complex, more specialized creatures, with the ultimate outcome [at least, so far] being the development of primates into ape-like creatures that became man — the only being on earth that can imagine how it came to exist [as far as we know].  There is no evidence of this actually occurring — we have never found verifiable evidence of a “missing link.”  Nothing in the DNA of today’s species indicates an ability to mutate from one species to another.  Short of human intervention, it is extremely rare for plants or animals of different species to attempt to sexually reproduce, and there is no indication that any creature, much less a viable new species, has resulted from those rare attempts.

Darwin believed in his theory that fossil evidence would eventually prove his theory. Since his time in the 19th century millions of fossils have been discovered yet not one missing link has been uncovered.  Before DNA testing it was thought that Neanderthal was an prehistoric predecessor of man.  When DNA testing was done the chromosomes matched bipedal primates i.e. apes not humans. As for other supposed ancestors of man: “Piltdown man” was a hoax, “Java man” was an ape, “Peking man” was a monkey.  “Nebraska man” was a pig tooth, “Lucy” was an extinct ape and “Ramapithecus” was an orangutan. Darwin’s theory was dependent on limitless time and incalculable mutations that would be both viable [creating offspring that in turn could procreate and continue their mutation] and more complex. A problem exists when we find that most observable mutations are destructive and cannot lead to more advanced or complex species.

In a previous paragraph we read how evolutionists use the First Law of Thermodynamics as an argument for evolution.  What that Law does not answer is how did all the matter and energy initially come into existence?  Physics describes the nature of what exists in the natural universe — matter and energy.  It does not explain how that natural universe came to be, and we know from the laws of physics that something, least of all something vast, complex, and organized, cannot spontaneously begin to exist on its own.  Some may claim there is no order to the universe and that things happen by random chance.  That may be what some people wish to be the case, but there is demonstrable order in the shape of galaxies, solar systems and planetary systems, and all the way down to the smallest particles, both living and non-living.  There is order, structure, and predictability.  There are physical laws and constants.  The existence of order without an Order-maker runs contrary to the second law of Thermodynamics known as entropy.  It states the Universe moves from order to disorder. Evolution requires order from chaos casting the law of entropy aside.

Despite these realities, an increasing godless elite class, as described previously, insists upon presenting evolution as fact rather than either theory or belief. The elite class craves followers.  We must rely on the Bible and proven, laboratory reproducible physics, not theories or beliefs generated by people desperate to “prove” that God doesn’t exist and that humankind is the measure of all things.


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