Genesis – Judges… Sin is the Problem


Joe Butta

Christian Messianic Analysis and Apologetics

In the Jewish scriptures known as Tenakh or Old Covenant one theme is constant throughout.  There will be problems brought about by the consequences of sin.  Knowing that sinful man could not remedy the situation the LORD God often sent someone to warn, admonish or save the people. After 1000 years of Biblical history people were so evil the Lord sent Noah to save what he could of humankind. Eight were saved. After another 1000 years the Lord sent Abraham to begin fulfilling his design for our salvation. During this time the Lord sent Melchizedek to remind Abraham that there was One who was greater.

Abraham was an advocate for the sinful cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, but the Lord could not find 10 righteous people in those cities and they were consumed. Three generations later, Joseph, one of the youngest of Jacob’s sons, was sent by the Lord to save his family despite that mistreated him and save Egypt from a coming famine. After 400 years of bondage Moses was sent to save the Israelites from the yoke of Pharaoh. Once free of their taskmasters Moses was used by the Lord to free the Israelites of their slave mentality and deliver to them God’s perfect Law for their good — the Torah. Eventually all who left Egypt except God-fearing Joshua and Caleb died in the wilderness; only their children gained the land that was promised. After Moses, Joshua was sent to encourage the people to walk in the way of a God who they had seen from their childhood manifested in a pillar of smoke by day, a pillar of fire by night, and through the daily provision of the miraculous manna. In subsequent centuries, the Israelites repeatedly “did what was right in their own eyes,” were punished for their sins by invasions or natural afflictions, repented and cried out to the LORD, who then would send a Judge to lead the Israelites back to Him.

Conclusion: Before the Torah [Law] was given Sin [Transgression of the heart] was the problem God wanted to address in His creation. He then gave the Torah through Moses to His people. Did the receiving and giving of the Torah to His people cure the Sin problem? If Sin reigned before the Torah was given and reigned after the Torah was given what could possibly be the solution to this malady within the human condition?  Is it likely the anointing of a human king by a prophet to reign over God’s people would be the remedy?


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