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Joe Butta and Steven Daskal

Christian Messianic Analysis and Apologetics

A fallacy is a mistaken belief based on flawed reasoning.  Religiosity is excessive devotion or piety to a system of rituals and formulas in the search for connection to deity.  The point is that some people who drape themselves in religion can often see themselves as superior to others who they view as less enlightened than themselves, or even as “unclean”. This thought process is not exclusive to any one faith.  It can be found in Judaism, Christianity, Islam, as well as pagan religions. All religions have adherents who use their religion for what they can get from God; for the control they can gain over other people or even influence over God; for what they can do or accomplish for their religious system to gain recognition and praise; and for what they must practice or do in order to avoid God’s wrath or gain God’s favor. Most folks are raised into a faith system either intentionally by parents, teachers, or religious leaders, or just follow what “others” seem to think. We will examine these faiths and discuss each according to the points we disclosed above. Finally, we will examine how this works in each faith then offer a conclusion that we believe articulates what God really wants for us.

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