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Creation or Evolution



Genesis 1:1 “In the beginning, Elohim (“God”) created the heavens and the earth.”


According to what we know, the universe came into being between 13.7 billion and 15 billion years ago. That of course is from our perspective as we can observe a universe that is expanding. The Hubble Telescope and other instruments show that expansion is taking place. This means that there must have been a beginning or a Big Bang that started the expansion. This is very similar to fireworks that explode and push everything outward from its inception. The explosion that would have occurred to produce the universe as we perceive it, would have created a blinding light that would have lasted over 300,000 years. After 325 million years, what came into existence would have begun to be observable as the light from the initial blast subsided. As a result of this event, space, matter, time and energy came into existence. Continue reading


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