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Joe Butta and Steve Daskal

In today’s emotionally charged social atmosphere, all controversial issues become politicized. Secular Humanists see abortion as a woman’s rights issue whereby the pregnant woman alone should decide what is right for her body and her life.  The life growing inside of her is subordinate to what she believes is best for her situation. Since the Supreme Court ruled in the 1970’s on the constitutionality of abortion in the Roe vs Wade case secular humanists assert that what they long believed was “right” had become legal. Recently, certain states are relaxing restrictions on late term abortions and one governor has spoken about allowing babies who survive an abortion to perish outside the womb [infanticide]. The purpose of this post is not to debate but to illustrate what the God of the Bible conveys concerning life in the womb and babies.  According to the God of the Bible any departure from a person’s love for Him, obedience to His will, not our own, is considered sin. It is sin in our lives that the God of the Bible seeks to remedy. For anyone who considers themselves Christian or a Tanakh believing Jew it becomes an issue of consistency with biblical truth. With these views established we turn to the scripture.

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Mike Tsottles Special guest presenter and  beloved brother in Jesus our Lord

Christian Messianic Analysis and Apologetics

If I say that I had awakened or that I had learned, and that I came to an understanding on my own; these would all be false and misleading statements. I may not have been able to say this when I first ‘gave my life over to Jesus’, but now I can unequivocally state the following:

He – the One, True and Living God in all His love had awakened me, He had taught me and He gave me the understanding I needed to begin to realize; that His love for us and His promises toward us are so very much more than what I was taught within the Orthodox faith.

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Do these modes of belief and thought represent THE truth?

                For those who were not raised in a faith-based family or became disenchanted with traditional religion or were influenced into agnosticism, atheism, anti-theism and evolution by our education system any number of cults or the new age movement may appeal to them as a new form of enlightenment. Some folks while claiming to be Christian also dab in cultic practices and belief. One thing all cults have in common is a variant point of view on the person of Jesus as described in the Bible. This does not include Judaism since Christians and Jews claim the same book as Holy Writ but differ in its interpretation. Below are some of the cult’s views on Jesus.

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Do any of the terms listed above represent THE truth?

Before any Christian can make a case that Jesus is the Son of God; Christians must address that God in fact exists. Agnostics claim that they are not sure God exists and are looking for more proof. Atheists don’t believe in the existence of God but recognize that others do. A true atheist isn’t bothered by others mention of God they just don’t want to be forced or belittled for not believing. Anti-theists hate what they say they don’t believe in. They want God removed from the public square and are ideologues who want others to reject faith as they have. Most evolutionists believe they have a theory that explains life on earth without the intercession of a causal agent. They are usually emphatic that creation science is not science but rather the creation myth repackaged. Since an alternative explanation of origins is vehemently opposed by most evolutionists, many in their ranks have elevated evolution from theory to fact. There are people who definitely believe in God, but are Evolutionists. Many Rabbinical Jews fall into this category. They say that God worked out Creation through evolution, and that the word “yom” or “day” in the Creation account can also mean “period of time”.

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George Washington: His first inaugural address as compared to Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28.


George Washington

First Inaugural Address
In the City of New York

Thursday, April 30, 1789

On Thursday, April 30, 1789, our first President, the father of our country, took his oath of office in New York City at Federal Hall on Wall Street. The Bible on which the oath was sworn belonged to New York’s St. John’s Masonic Lodge. The new President gave his inaugural address before a joint session of the two Houses of Congress assembled inside the Senate Chamber.

What I will capture in this posting are all of his references to God Almighty and the significance of these words in light of God’s promises to the children of Israel. Continue reading


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The impact of being raised an Italian Catholic


Last week, I mentioned some of the Christian anti-Semitism that I encountered growing up, most, if not all, based on ignorance of what the Bible says about the Jewish people. It is also important to understand how I understood other Christians. Eastern Orthodox and Protestants were understood as being different religions, not different expressions, of the same faith. There was very little sense of other Christians who chose to worship differently. As for the Jewish people, they rejected Gesu plus they didn’t eat what we ate; a porchetta sandwich; prosciutto and provolone on Italian bread; sopressata; capicola; mortadella; Genoa salami; sausage and pepper sandwich, and pasta with crab sauce. Admittedly I was a bit confused that pastrami was theirs.  It sounded like it should have been ours.

While browsing in 2005, I found myself attracted to the book “Why the Jews rejected Jesus.” I saw that it was written from a traditional Jewish point of view for a Jewish audience. After reading the book it became apparent to me that Jewish people were not encouraged to look at both sides of this issue.  I then started to read the Talmud and other Jewish books to try to understand the Talmudic influence on the Jewish point of view. They were being told what to think by post-Temple rabbis, sages who lived during the Middle Ages and modern rabbinical scholars. Yeshua and the New Covenant scriptures were not to be considered or explored; They were to be outwardly rejected.

A traditional Jew who wanted to personally explore this issue could be guilty of idolatry and accepting Yeshua meant forfeiting one’s Jewishness. With this in mind I started to observe Jewish people in airports and on flights. I thought it quite interesting that they were never reading from the Tenakh (Old Testament). They carried and read from the Talmud or other Jewish prayer books. With all of this information in mind, I was fortunate enough to meet reform Jews who had their own misgivings concerning the ultra-conservative Jews and Messianic Jews who stood firm to their Jewishness while simultaneously accepting Yeshua as the Messiah. It was at this point that I decided to write this book.


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