Biblical Christianity

This encompasses the life and teachings of Jesus, the Apostle Paul and all of the New Covenant authors. It is the faith practiced by the apostolic church which includes not only the Apostles, Jesus inner circle, but the seventy disciples, the 500 that Jesus appeared to after his resurrection and all of the Jewish and Gentile converts who came to be known as Christian through the immediate successors who followed the Apostles after their deaths. Biblical Christianity is the fulfillment of Biblical Judaism.

Rabbinical Judaism

Any semblance of Biblical Judaism vanished with the 70 A.D. destruction of Jerusalem and the Jewish Temple. At that time the main Jewish groups were Pharisees, Sadducees, Essenes and followers of the Way [Messianic Jews]. Following the Bar Kochba rebellion 132-135 A.D., only the Pharisees survived as the main Jewish group. These Jews championed the concept of oral Torah telling generations of Jews that the Tenakh [Jewish Bible] could not be understood apart from contents of the Babylonian and Palestinian Talmud. These rabbis also changed the meaning of Lev. 17:11 to prayer, fasting and good deeds. Rabbinic Judaism and Biblical Christianity are mutually exclusive.

Dawn of Islamic Literalism:

This presentation explains some basic Islamic terminology and introduces us to the Authoritative texts of Islam the Qur’an, Sira, Hadith and the Tarikh. Once these Islamic sources are discussed we’ll delve into the life of Muhammad messenger of Allah. After Muhammad’s death we’ll conclude by presenting the Caliphs and the reason for the Sunni/Shi’a fracture.

Islamic History:

In this presentation we’ll briefly recap the initial Islamic expansion under the Caliphs then Illustrate Islamic conquests in Arabia, the Middle East, North Africa, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, The Mediterranean, The Asian Sub-Continent, It’s decline and re-emergence up to the present day.

Ideological Islamist Concepts:

This briefing will present the concepts of Abrogation, Dhimmitude, Dissimulation, Jihad, Judgment, Martyrdom, People of the Book, Terrorism and Women. Also to be discussed is the difference between Islamic Societies which are Honor/Shame based vs Western Innocent/Guilt based society.

Islamic Eschatology:

This will presented from both the Sunni and Shi’a perspective with more time being spent with the Shi’a view of the end. We’ll see how this is a powerful motivator for modern day Jihadist then contrast it with Judeo-Christian Eschatological views.

Muslim Brotherhood—Stealth Jihad:

Most of the West’s focus is on the segment of Islam that openly advocates for the violent over- throw of societies that resist the implementation of Islamic Law—Shari’a. Perhaps more dangerous is the incremental stealth invasion of Muslims who seek to infiltrate Western Society and Government for the purpose of introducing Islamic law and Islamizing the West.

Justification for Violent Jihad:

In this presentation we’ll take a look at the Manchester document which gave Al-Qaida and other Sunni extremists in the West guidance on how to proceed with acts of Terrorism in Western societies.

Threat Analysis—Charlie Hebdo:

This presentation will track all of the events, the individuals and aftermath of the Sunni Extremist massacre at Charlie Hebdo and the Kosher Market.

The Islamic State:

Some western experts claimed that the establishment of an Islamic Caliphate in the 21st century was ridiculous. They were wrong. How and why was the Islamic State established? What can the West expect as more join the Islamic State and become recruited and captivated by what they perceive is Allah’s will.

Our Founding Documents and Islamic Shari’a: Are they Compatible?

 Many Muslims tell Westerners what Islam is and what it is not. However, there is one source that is greater and more authoritative than any opinion given by any Muslim. That source is Muhammad himself.  Muhammad is Islam. There is no Islam without Muhammad. The Shari’a [law] established by Muhammad is found in the decrees of Allah found in the Qur’an and the Sunna, the traditions of Muhammad. Every word in the Qur’an attributed to Allah was revealed by Muhammad. Every word and deed attributed to Muhammad is found in the Sunna. Together these establish the Shari’a of Islam.

Chronology of Islamic Events:

This is a chronological account of all major events from Islam’s inception to the present day. To establish a threat one needs to view an entity that is adversarial and espouses harm.  To determine motivation there must be an evaluation of its history, ideology and current pronouncements. All of this constitutes what they want to do. Threat does not exist until we can combine what they want to do with what they can do.  This is called capability. If we are observable or studied by this adversary and they can process, disseminate and use this information to act effectively against us then we have threat. We can only be defeated through our willful ignorance of literalist Islam’s past behavior, beliefs and ability to injure us through Stealth and Violent Jihad.