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Why a Dad is Needed in this Ordered Universe.

By:  Joe Butta and Steve Daskal

Christian Messianic Analysis and Apologetics

Can inanimate, purposeless, formless nothingness create something animate, purposeful, and alive? That would appear to violate the basic laws of physics [e.g., the laws of thermodynamics]. Before anything was or could be, there had to be Someone. Even the ancients understood this, and came up with a vast array of myths about one or more superhuman “gods” creating the world, starting with dust and water, and then everything else. Their reasons for doing so were obscure, but basically came down to either needing something to occupy themselves with [life and humanity as toys for gods] or needing workers to toil for them and feed their superhuman egos [life and humanity as slaves for gods]. But if these gods had the same vices and many of the same needs as mankind, how could they have created the universe, and why are they worthy of any respect, much less love?

The Bible presents a very different situation, in which an eternal, complete [God needing neither slaves nor toys] creates the universe to enjoy the process [aesthetics, accomplishment] and humanity with whom to enjoy it through interpersonal relationship.

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Scientism and Unbelief

The unbelievers in our schools and universities often teach that the existence of so much evil in this world negates the existence of a holy and righteous God. Life itself proceeds with no discernible purpose. Events that occur in the cosmos appear to be totally random.  The First Law of Thermodynamics proves since energy cannot be created or destroyed the universe has always existed.

Since we cannot argue that creation exists then how can creation exist apart from an act of creating initiated by an unseen Creator?

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Do these modes of belief and thought represent THE truth?

                For those who were not raised in a faith-based family or became disenchanted with traditional religion or were influenced into agnosticism, atheism, anti-theism and evolution by our education system any number of cults or the new age movement may appeal to them as a new form of enlightenment. Some folks while claiming to be Christian also dab in cultic practices and belief. One thing all cults have in common is a variant point of view on the person of Jesus as described in the Bible. This does not include Judaism since Christians and Jews claim the same book as Holy Writ but differ in its interpretation. Below are some of the cult’s views on Jesus.

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Do any of the terms listed above represent THE truth?

Before any Christian can make a case that Jesus is the Son of God; Christians must address that God in fact exists. Agnostics claim that they are not sure God exists and are looking for more proof. Atheists don’t believe in the existence of God but recognize that others do. A true atheist isn’t bothered by others mention of God they just don’t want to be forced or belittled for not believing. Anti-theists hate what they say they don’t believe in. They want God removed from the public square and are ideologues who want others to reject faith as they have. Most evolutionists believe they have a theory that explains life on earth without the intercession of a causal agent. They are usually emphatic that creation science is not science but rather the creation myth repackaged. Since an alternative explanation of origins is vehemently opposed by most evolutionists, many in their ranks have elevated evolution from theory to fact. There are people who definitely believe in God, but are Evolutionists. Many Rabbinical Jews fall into this category. They say that God worked out Creation through evolution, and that the word “yom” or “day” in the Creation account can also mean “period of time”.

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Creation or Evolution



Genesis 1:1 “In the beginning, Elohim (“God”) created the heavens and the earth.”


According to what we know, the universe came into being between 13.7 billion and 15 billion years ago. That of course is from our perspective as we can observe a universe that is expanding. The Hubble Telescope and other instruments show that expansion is taking place. This means that there must have been a beginning or a Big Bang that started the expansion. This is very similar to fireworks that explode and push everything outward from its inception. The explosion that would have occurred to produce the universe as we perceive it, would have created a blinding light that would have lasted over 300,000 years. After 325 million years, what came into existence would have begun to be observable as the light from the initial blast subsided. As a result of this event, space, matter, time and energy came into existence. Continue reading

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