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Khabad Lubavitch

The movement known as Khabad Lubavitch is mostly unknown outside of Jewish circles. It springs from Khasidic Orthodox Judaism with an emphasis on Jewish mysticism and messianism. The movement initiated with the teachings of its seven leaders (“Rebbes”), beginning with Rabbi Schneur Zalman (1745–1812). These leaders created thousands of books meant for Jewish study. The most notable Lubavitcher Rebbe of recent memory is Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson (1902–1994). What makes this movement different from traditional Rabbinic Judaism is its outreach to ALL Jews not just Orthodox Jews. Currently 4,000 full-time families help direct more than 3,300 institutions with thousands dedicated to spreading the Khabad Lubavitcher message.

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Responding to www.AISH.com regarding Jesus of Nazareth


The information that I will refer to in this posting comes from the internet:


This is a website that champions the Orthodox Jewish point of view. Their issue is with Jesus, his immediate followers, the New Covenant scriptures, Christian interpretation of the Jewish Bible, behavior of professing Christians, and Christian doctrine. One of the reasons most Orthodox Jews want nothing or very little to do with Christians is because of Christianity. As they understand it they feel that it is their duty to ensure that Jews do not entertain any ideas of seeing the claims of Jesus as an alternative to rabbinical faith. Why? Jesus cannot be the Son of God, his followers falsified their testimony, the New Covenant is a distortion of traditional Jewish understanding regarding the messiah, the application of messianic prophecies to Jesus are inaccurate, through the ages professing Christians promoted anti-Semitism, persecuted and murdered unknown numbers of Jews for non-conformity.  The rabbis also claim the doctrines of original sin, Trinity, redemption only through the shedding of blood, and salvation through grace do not abrogate strict adherence to the Torah. In short, the Orthodox Jews are right about all these issues and the Christians are wrong or at least misguided. Continue reading

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The Broken Covenant


Most Orthodox Jewish people seem to understand, that as a very small group of people percentage wise on this planet, they, above all others, entered into an agreement with the Creator of the Universe whereby the Jewish people were promised certain things dependent upon their obedience to the Covenant that their forefathers made with God. In fact, God’s original intent was to live among His people. Exodus 25:8 states, “Then have them make a sanctuary for me, and I will dwell among them.” God wants a relationship with His people and proved it by residing with them in the Ark of the Covenant. In the Torah (Lev. 26, Deut. 28), Moses was inspired by God to specifically describe what blessing the Jewish people would receive for obedience and what punishments they would receive for disobedience. The biblical historical record indicates that the Israelites were just as sinful as the gentiles who surrounded them. In Deuteronomy 29, the Lord speaks through Moses and predicts that the people of Israel will seek other gods.  As a result of their idolatry, God would banish them from the Promised Land. The Israelites never had to wonder if God existed. He continually did miracles they witnessed yet God told Moses just before Moses’ death that the Israelites would break the Covenant.   Continue reading


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Barnes and Noble review of “The Jewish People and Jesus: Is It Time For Reconciliation? You Decide.”


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5.0 out of 5 stars Jewish view of Jesus

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This review is from: The Jewish People And Jesus: Is It Time For Reconciliation? You Decide (Paperback)

Concise presentation of Jewish views of Jesus the Christ who is claimed as the the Messiah and died, but rose from the dead to provide payment to God (Creator of all things) for the transgressions of individual humans who request such forgiveness and place their faith in Jesus. The presentations are logical and sound but leave the decision to accept or reject the relationship between Jesus the Christ and God, and His offer of eternal life up to the reader. The author, although not of Jewish lineage or religious practices, is an expert on middle-eastern affairs and demonstrates his comprehensive understanding of Jewish culture and historical objections to the theocracy of Jesus the Christ. If logic alone were the deciding factor for conviction that Jesus the Christ is the true Messiah, then this presentation would probably suffice to persuade a reader to seriously consider acceptance of such a faith.



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Reconciliation: Is this a compromise of ones Jewishness?


If you ask contemporary Rabbis the answer is yes. Why? Their point of reference is the Talmud that was intact going back to the 5th Century C.E. where the rabbis could comment on the Christian assertion that Yeshua was the promised messiah. The behavior of Byzantine and Western Christians against the Jews solidified this point of view. In the 11th Century this perspective was reinforced by the most important of rabbinical sages Moses Maimonidies. His work can be found in the back of the Talmud where it is known as the Mishneh Torah. Continue reading


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