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The Hope of some for one united faith

                Freemasonry’s roots go back to 16th century France. It was being practiced in England by the 18th Century. It was a secret fraternal order binding together professional men and master tradesmen [and, later, government officers and commercial men] who were Deist Rationalists, and who were opposed to the existence of established churches, mandatory church attendance, and any sort of monarchial or nobility-based political order. What follows is generally true concerning Freemasonry however there are variations of how it is practiced in the United States.

When folks consider becoming a Mason they must begin in the Blue Lodge. If a person persists they will attain the Entered Apprentice Degree then the Fellowcraft Degree and finally the Master Mason Degree. At this point the Mason has the choice to stay in the Blue Lodge or seek advanced degrees in the Scottish or York rite. The Scottish rite has the 4th through 32nd degrees. The York rite has 13 degrees. Once the 32nd degree is attained the Mason can petition to join the Shriners.  Those who have mastered the advanced rites of Freemasonry and are accepted join The Ancient and Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine.

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Do these practices replace a personal relationship with the God of the Bible?

In previous posts we have displayed how people with no belief in God or people with no real foundational belief do gravitate to believe in something. Sometimes that belief or practice may be seemingly benign Cults or the New Age Movement. These can appear to be trendy but do, upon closer examination, include aspects that may lead to something sinister.

On the surface most folks understand that the term Satan stands for the embodiment of evil and the occult perhaps relates to cults or is something not to be taken seriously. Satanism is very much an outgrowth of pre-Christian Celtic Druid beliefs [remember the Celts were one of the dominant people groups throughout western Europe, including Iberia and the British Isles, before the Latin and Germanic peoples conquered them and assimilated them].   Who then are the types of people more prone to be lured into the hidden realm? These folks can be those who have had a bad experience in church; those alienated from society; those who prefer to live in a fantasy world; the lonely and powerless and those who need to feel elite. The gateway to indoctrination can start with psychotropic drug use, yoga and transcendental meditation where the person’s psychology begins to be altered. This can lead to interests in divination, magic and ghosts without one wondering where the force behind the magic comes from or how the ghosts came into being.

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Do these modes of belief and thought represent THE truth?

                For those who were not raised in a faith-based family or became disenchanted with traditional religion or were influenced into agnosticism, atheism, anti-theism and evolution by our education system any number of cults or the new age movement may appeal to them as a new form of enlightenment. Some folks while claiming to be Christian also dab in cultic practices and belief. One thing all cults have in common is a variant point of view on the person of Jesus as described in the Bible. This does not include Judaism since Christians and Jews claim the same book as Holy Writ but differ in its interpretation. Below are some of the cult’s views on Jesus.

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Is Gay Marriage OK with the God of the Bible?


I pray that this as in all posts listed on this site are moved by the Spirit of the God of the Bible the Ruach ha’ Kodesh. My hope is in the Spirit of the only God whereby we can be saved through the death and resurrection of the Messiah.

Advocates say, “Sexual orientation is not a choice; we are born the way we are”. Those who believe this way believe some are born that way, meaning they have no choice in the matter. God understands this and gives no judgment or condemnation. How can a loving God condemn any of us if we are born that way?

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