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When one considers this question there are basically two points of view.

One point of view asserts that there is a similarity between Ancient Israel and the United States. The Israelites were brought into the Promised Land just as immigrants from the world over left religious persecution and a lack of opportunity for a new land of promise in America. The original Israelite society of Moses was established upon a Covenant made with the Creator of the Universe.  They were given laws that they were obliged to obey.  If they obeyed God they would reap blessings and God would dwell among them; however, if they disobeyed and refused to repent blessings would be removed and become a curse.  The curse would turn to lasting division and civil war between the two Israelite states. Social ills would increase and a series of unrighteous monarchs ruled until both were defeated and conquered by un-Godly pagan foes.

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