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Who was Abraham? Father of the Israelites, Father of Faith, a Muslim?


What we know is that Abraham’s ancestors were from Ur of the Chaldees. This means when the Book of Genesis was written, Chaldeans lived in southern Mesopotamia. Since Abraham lived around 2000 BC, he was not a Chaldean. He could have been a Sumerian, Acadian, Amorite or Aramean. We do see in Genesis 11:27 that Har’an was the father of Lot. The family then left Ur and relocated to Har’an. Interestingly, the family left the abode of the Sumerians for Har’an, a city named similar, but not identical to, Abraham’s uncle. Could Har’an have been the actual ancestral home of Abraham’s family? If so, this places them in modern day Turkey. There was a “Chaldia” in Asia Minor on the Black Sea. What we do know is that Abraham cannot be referred to as a Jew or an Arab any more than St. Peter was an Israeli or Palestinian.  Continue reading


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