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Responding to regarding Jesus of Nazareth


The information that I will refer to in this posting comes from the internet:

This is a website that champions the Orthodox Jewish point of view. Their issue is with Jesus, his immediate followers, the New Covenant scriptures, Christian interpretation of the Jewish Bible, behavior of professing Christians, and Christian doctrine. One of the reasons most Orthodox Jews want nothing or very little to do with Christians is because of Christianity. As they understand it they feel that it is their duty to ensure that Jews do not entertain any ideas of seeing the claims of Jesus as an alternative to rabbinical faith. Why? Jesus cannot be the Son of God, his followers falsified their testimony, the New Covenant is a distortion of traditional Jewish understanding regarding the messiah, the application of messianic prophecies to Jesus are inaccurate, through the ages professing Christians promoted anti-Semitism, persecuted and murdered unknown numbers of Jews for non-conformity.  The rabbis also claim the doctrines of original sin, Trinity, redemption only through the shedding of blood, and salvation through grace do not abrogate strict adherence to the Torah. In short, the Orthodox Jews are right about all these issues and the Christians are wrong or at least misguided. Continue reading

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