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A message to the Rabbi’s during Holy Week


Dear Rabbi’s, May you and the Jewish community have a blessed Pesach. I would like to give a respectful comment. The Lubavitcher movement considers Rabbi Schneerson either the Moshiach, a prophet or a sage. Since Rebbi Schneerson died and his tomb is still with us he obviously is not the Moshiach. If his followers still believe him to be the Moshiach then they are no different than the followers of Bar Kochba who was supported by Rabbi Akiva. He obviously was a false Moshiach. The Romans killed him and his tomb is still with us. Zvi believed himself to be the Moshiach then became an apostate to Islam. He and his followers were misguided. Lubavitchers are no different if they believe the Rebbi to be the Moshiach. Continue reading


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The Meaning of Passover/Holy Week


Hi folks: Some may not be aware of the connection between the Jewish feast of Passover and Holy Week for Christians. If any are interested I’ve included the description below.

In Exodus 12 God prepares the Israelites for the final plague. The final plague is death. The only way that the firstborn of Israel could be spared from death was if they slaughtered a male lamb towards evening on the 14th day of the first month of the Jewish calendar. The Israelites were saved not by the act of slaying the lamb but by the blood of the lamb that was spread on the two door posts and the lintel of their houses. When God passed through the land of Egypt, and saw the blood on the Israelite houses, He would PASSOVER. Therefore the Israelites were saved when God saw the blood of the slain lamb. Continue reading


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